Our Story

Settled in 1790, Pierson’s Farm is one of the Hudson Valley’s historical landmarks. Today, the farm is owned by Orrin Pierson, a 7th generation farmer, as well as myself, Jackie. We have four adult daughters and 270 acres of beautiful property.

All 6 generations before us were dairy farmers until the late 1970s when Orrin’s father, Stephen, sold the dairy cattle. He then bought two hundred sheep and started to raise them for their wool and meat.

In 1995, Orrin’s father passed away from cancer unexpectedly. He left us with three hundred sheep and thirty beef cows. We gradually sold the sheep and kept the cattle. We have since expanded and now, alongside our beef, sell pork, chicken, and eggs, as well as run our other seasonal businesses. During our downtime throughout the year, we regroup, reset, and find better ways to serve our customers and their families.