FarmFresh Products

The store is open seasonally and by appointment to get yourself some of the beautifully, naturally raised angus beef, pork or some of our wonderful chicken broilers. We currently do not offer halves.

Natural Grassfed Angus Beef

There is a required deposit of $100.00 per quarter required on each order.

If you would like a quarter, $5.25 / pound hanging weight on 1/4’s plus processings costs. Our spring 2016 quarters averaged take home weight of 76-80 lbs and cost about $700.

We also sell the meat direct from our farm store by the pound. Hamburger patties are currently priced at $7.65/pound or Ground beef at $6.75/ pound, both are available for purchase at the farm along with many other cuts of beef.

Pork Products

Pork cuts are also available.  Please get onto our e-mail list via our contact form to see what is available.

Examples of cuts on offer dependant on availability:
8 – 4 pack pork chops
4 pork roast
10  lbs bacon  OR
10 nitrate free bacon
4 pork belly
2 1lbs pork ribs
6 1 lb ground pork
5 italian sausage
5 breakfast sausage
5 hot sausage
3 fresh ham steak
2 fresh ham roast
4 shoulder roast  (pulled pork)

Pastured Chicken meat and eggs

We also offer our grass/conventionally fed chicken roasters frozen, or fresh when available, and free range eggs and cage free eggs year round.

Chicken  cuts are also available.  Please get onto our e-mail list via our  contact form or put yourself on our e-mail to be included in our fresh bird purchase e-mail notification option.

Examples of cuts on offer dependant on availability:
Whole frozen birds
Pair of halved birds
Chicken necks
Chicken livers and hearts


What is the price for a quarter of beef?

The price per quarter is $5.25 per pound dressed or hanging weight plus processing costs. Deposit and pre-approval of order required.

What is hanging weight (or dressed weight)?

Hanging weight is the weight after the animal is slaughtered, without the skin, internal organs, head, or hooves.

There is a required deposit of $100.00 per quarter required on each order.

What is a standard cut?

Currently selling our beef by the pound and the 1/4 at $6.00 per pound hanging weight with a deposit and approved pre-order. Our spring 2016 quarters were around $500, from one of our average size beef cattle.


London Broil steaks
2 pkg of 2
Porterhouse steaks (4 total)
5 pkg of 2
Rib Eye steaks (10 total)
2 pkg of 2
T-bone steaks (4 total)
Sirloin steaks
1 pkg
Short Ribs
3 pkg
Beef Cubes
Chuck steak
Bottom Round Roast
Top Round Roast
Sir Tip Roast
Eye Round Roast
Shin/soup meat with bone
Count 1 pound/kg Chip beef, a wonderful thin sliced steak
38 count 1 lb pkg
Liver (optional)
Approx 75 lbs
Freezer Meat

The angus dressed out to about 75 lbs of beef per quarter. The angus beef cattle were on the young, more tender and leaner side.

About half of the beef was very nice lean chop meat, the other half is Rib steaks, top round roasts, sirloin steaks, t-bone, porterhouse, london broil, eye round.

Our quarters could be more costly when beef is larger then this example we have listed.

Do you deliver?

No, sorry. We are currently unable to provide delivery service at this time.

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