About Pierson’s Natural Beef Farm

“Pierson Bicentennial Farm” was settled in 1790 by Josiah Pierson, my great -great -great -great- grandfather. My name is Orrin Pierson, I am part of the seventh generation on this farm, and this is a piece of our story.

Our homestead was recognized as a bicentennial farm by the New York State Ag. Society in 2001, and is one of the oldest farms in Orange County. My wife Jackie and I, together with our eighth generation children, Lorna, Rachel, Carolyn, and Rita, live and work solely on the farm. The farm originally consisted of around 1000 acres, but due to sell-offs by each generation, we are now approximately 300 acres. All of my ancestors were dairy farmers until the late 1970s, when my father, Stephen, sold the dairy. He then bought two-hundred sheep and started to raise them for their wool and meat. Unexpectedly, in 1995, my father passed away from cancer. He left me with three hundred sheep and thirty head of natural beef cattle. I gradually sold the sheep and kept the cattle. Today, along with raising natural beef, we raise pork and chickens, sell flowers from our greenhouses, have a pick-your-own pumpkin harvest in October, manage a haunt event, and sell fresh cut and cut your own Christmas trees in December. My wife has a gift shop in the old wagon house that has been refurbished. We have it opened seasonally and/or by appointment year round. During off seasons, we shut down to regroup and take care of this big beautiful farm and our home life.

Try our New York natural beef, you won’t be disappointed. Orrin Pierson